Atlanta's Best Rain Barrel System

MSRP: $89.00
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Product Description

Atlanta’s Best Rain Barrel System is a combination of a 55-gallon rain barrel and the RainRecycle Rain Barrel Kit.

It uses our favorite Flexi-Fit diverter system that creates a closed system that is virtually mosquito and debris proof.

At just $59.00, this is an incredible value!

  • 1 55 gallon repurposed plastic drum that is paintable-saved from the landfill!
  • Includes spigot and drain system for connection to soaker hoses/drip system.
  • 1 Flexi fit diverter system including installation hole saws.
  • Flexi-fit diverter system taps directly into downspouts, eliminating the need to cut your gutters.
  • Add the Stand for just $65.00 (Not Included, Save $9.00!)
  • This product is available at this price only at our Berkely Lake Location.




Product Reviews

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    I Love The Rain Barrel Depot!

    Posted by Hilary on 8th Aug 2013

    The Rain Barrel Depot is a great place to buy rain barrels! They have everything you could need. From barrels, to conversion kits, to pumps! They even have rain barrel stands! And their prices are awesome!