Covid 19 and Your Rain Barrel Purchase

15th Jul 2020

It’s hard to believe but has celebrated 12 years in existence and we want to thank all of our customers. 

However, the Covid-19 pandemic  has caused a tight supply of rain barrels in the United States.  The problems first started with plants being shut down.  At the same time, Americans started spending more time at home and working in their yards.  During this time they installed new gutters,planted new gardens and looked for secondary sources of water. The existing inventory of rain barrels were purchased for these projects.

Then as the pandemic grew, plants shut down, and shipping companies lost drivers to the disease. During this time Americans started buying rain barrels and creating a shortage of barrels. At the same time, Americans began buying all kind of items online and creating a further shortage of drivers.

While the pandemic has yet to go in remission, the demand for rain barrels has been over capacity to what the plants can manufacture.

Right now, we are seeing a 6-8 weeks to ship on most orders from one manufacturer. Beginning July 20,2020 Earthminded Rain Barrels can be shipped in 2-3 days.