The Hamptons Rain Barrel Stand

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Product Description

The Hamptons Rain Barrel Stand was created by the Rain Barrel Depot in response to our customers asking us for a "no-nonsense" and weather proof rain barrel stand.   

  • Designed to make your rain barrel more efficient and to accentuate its curb appeal.
  • Lifts your barrel 11" off of the ground for ease of use with watering cans, pails, and soaker hoses
  • May even increase your water pressure
  • Designed to be used with the Great American Rain Barrel, Spruce Creek, Rain Barrel Company Californian, almost any blue 55-60 gallon rain barrel and Earthminded rain barrels. It will also hold almost all of the rain barrels made from European olive and pepper barrels
  • Made of environmentally sensitive pressure treated select southern pine for years of outdoor use.
  • If you would like a stained look, let your stand weather for 6 weeks and then sand and stain with two coats of Behr outdoor stain.
  • Not for use with rain barrels over 75 gallons in size.