Redmond Green Culture Composter

MSRP: $79.00
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Product Description

The Redmon Green Culture is one of our favorite composters!  We call it the "machine" because there are actually no moving parts!

This compost bin is a space saver with a footprint of just 26 inches with a generous 65 gallon capacity. It's constructed of durable weather-resistant material for a long life. The lid lifts off making it easy and convenient to add waste.

Good air circulation is a must for good composting. The vent holes all over this bin are designed for this. It also helps to keep odors down. Four doors  at the bottom make it easy to remove finished compost from every angle.

Simple to put together as it consists of inserting 6 bolts.  Compost Starting guide is included.   

  • Doors on all sides for easy access to compost
  • Multiple air vents allow for proper air circulation
  • Removable top lid makes it easy to add waste or aerate pile
  • Easy to assemble
  • $5.00 shipping

Complete assembly instructions included.