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Winterize Your Rain Barrel and Store the Pump in a Warm Location


If you live in a part of the country where the temperature during the winter months stays below freezing for extended periods of time, you may want to consider winterizing your rain barrel. Not only will winterizing keep it from freezing and cracking, it is a good step to prolong the life of your rain barrel.

The first thing you want to do is disconnect the downspout from the barrel and connect a downspout extension to the main spout to funnel water away from your house. Make sure you empty all the water from the barrel and flip it upside down for safe outdoor storage. And don't forget to store your pump, if so equipped, in a warm location. If you keep your barrel handy, that is, store it outside as opposed to bringing it into the garage, you can take advantage of it during those winter months. For example, after a snowstorm, when the temperatures climb above freezing, you can easily flip the barrel over and utilize it for the runoff. Just remember to empty it and flip it back over before the next cold spell.

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