About Us

Founded in 2007, The Rain Barrel Depot is headquartered in North Atlanta and owned by Gene and Peggy Kelly.

“Our mission is to help people conserve water resources and be better stewards of the water we have been given,” says founder, Gene Kelly. Furthermore he adds, “The days of cutting a faucet on in our own country and without counting the costs is quickly coming to an end.”

The 1982 UGA graduate of the College of Business was in the residential construction business when an Earthcraft class called his attention to the opportunity of water sustainability. Conservation and access to clean water has been a concern ever since.

“Internationally, we need to help people increase their access to the one basic necessity to live…clean water.” He adds, "Our line of water back packs can be used to carry clean water.  Studies have shown that almost 70% of people in hospitals in third world countries are due to drinking contaminated water.”

A native of Macon, Georgia, Gene has always had awareness for water as he grew up hunting and fishing on the Ocmulgee River. As an avid outdoorsman, he has a strong appreciation for clean water and conservation efforts for the outdoors.

Gene and his wife, Peggy, have two children, Margaret and Alex. They attend Peachtree Corners Baptist in Norcross. A passion for conservation and access to clean water were the main reasons The Rain Barrel Depot was founded. As water use in the United States becomes more regulated and the supply of quality water resources diminishes, The Rain Barrel Depot family want to help you learn to use water wisely. We have all the water we will ever have, at this very moment.