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Would you like to learn about water conservation in Gwinnett County (GA)?


Gwinnett County Resources is Having a Rain Barrel Workshop featuring the RainRecyle Rain Barrel Kit in Lilburn on July 14th. Check out this link Thank you Gwinnett County Water Resources. 

Looking for a Rain Barrel Workshop this Summer?

Join our Friends of the Mississippi  River for a rain barrel workshop in St. Paul Minnesota on June 26th.

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​By the Numbers: The State of Georgia’s New Drought

The numbers are in! 6.71 inches, 13 inches and 10.85 inches.According to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, most of North Georgia is experiencing a Level One drought that is affecting almost 7 million Georgians. Since March 1st, the city of Atlanta has incurred a rainfall deficit of 6.71 inches, Peachtree City has nearly a 13-inch deficit, [...]

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America’s Favorite Rain Barrel Stand!

The legend of the Hampton’s Rain Barrel Stand is that it was first built by wealthy New Englanders who had taken rain barrels up to their summer homes in The Hamptons Mountains in Up State New York. With Idle time on their hands, they crafted the stand out of left over wood.The Hamptons Rain Barrel Stand has become [...]

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Earthminded’s Rain Router Multi-function Diverter System offers extreme versatility to Rain Water Harvesting Systems.

Earthminded’s Rain Router Multi-Function Diverter Kit is the perfect rainwater diverter kit to manage and expand your home or business rainwater harvesting system.As you may know, the rain water harvesting rule of thumb is that 1” of rain over 1000 feet creates over 600 gallons of water. So most rain barrels and rain collectors can fill up with just a [...]

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Why Your Next Rain Barrel Should Have a Diverter

At the Rain Barrel Depot, one of our biggest selling products is the Earthminded Rain Barrel Diverter Kit, which features the patented flex-fit diverter.The Earthminded Diverter Kit System is a great accessory for any rain barrel and will among other benefits save you the unsavory task of having to cut your downspout when you install your rain barrel.       [...]

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Why Your Rain Barrel Needs a Rain Barrel Stand

Rain Barrel Stands are a great accessory for your rain barrel and often help its efficiency. A Rain barrel stand will actually accentuate your stand and help your commitment to water conservation stand out.Most people never think about a rain barrel stand until they set up their rain barrel.Some rain barrels have the spigot half way up the [...]

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How to Winterize Your Rain Barrel

It’s getting to be that time again! As we are now approaching November, it is time to winterize your rain barrel. Yes, old man winter’s freezing temperatures can wear and tear on your rain barrel, its diverter, faucet, and other parts and accessories. In warmer parts of the U.S., rain barrels can be used year round. We believe it’s [...]

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Our Best Selling Rain Barrel Kits

Best Selling Rain Barrel KitsAt the Rain Barrel Depot, one of our biggest sellers are rain barrel kits. A rain barrel kit is a fantastic way to get started conserving water because it allows anybody to use almost any plastic container with a lid and convert it into a rain barrel. The possibilities are endless! In designing our [...]

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DIY 20 Minute Transformation: Trashcan to Rain Barrel!

Want to get started saving water but don’t want to break the bank? The Rain Barrel Depot can help! Our RainRecycle Rain Barrel Kit can turn any large container into a functioning rain barrel. Sound too good to be true? Watch and see how we transformed this 45-gallon basic grey trashcan into a working rain barrel [...]

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