We’re “PUMPED UP” at the Rain Barrel Depot!

Posted by Claire on 24th Jun 2021

Check out our latest video on Facebook or Pinterest The Rain Barrel Depot | FacebookPinterest about using our rain recycle rain barrel pump; the best way to use the precious rainwater you’ve collec … read more

Heat Your Greenhouse with a Rain Barrel!

Posted by Claire Dibble Rain Barrel Depot on 19th May 2021

We love to showcase our valued customers here at the Rain Barrel Depot. One of our best customers in Maine is using her rain barrel to heat her greenhouse. The black rain barrel against the dark w … read more

The Frozen Rain Barrel Contest Results – 2021

Posted by Claire Dibble Rain Barrel Depot on 10th May 2021

It may be springtime, but we wanted to announce and share our Frozen Rain Barrel Contest winner!We have started the Frozen Rain Barrel Contest to honor some of our best clients who are in the nort … read more

Conserving Water in East Atlanta Village

Posted by Claire Dibble Rain Barrel Depot on 30th Apr 2021

It is always great to see our products installed right here in our hometown of Atlanta, Georgia! The Rain Barrel Depot recently visited with one of our valued customers in E … read more

A Determined Housewife Gets Her Rain Barrel

25th Jan 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has tested everybody from the consumer to manufacturers. The Rain Barrel manufacturing segment has been oversold due to employees being absent and having Covid-19 in the plant … read more