Earthminded Universal Diverter System


Product Description

The Earthminded Flexifit Universal Diverter System 

The Earthminded Flexifit Universal Diverter Kit allows you to add a diverter to almost any rain barrel or rain water harvesting system.

The Benefits of a Diverter are many including:

  •  The diverter regulates the amount of water in the the rain barrel to a consistent heighth.  Once the water level equals  the heighth of the diverter, water continues to flow down the downspout, eliminating the need for an overflow hose.  The diverter uses the back pressure of the water in the barrel or rain tank to prevent more water from entering the barrel. 
  •  With a diverter, debris continues to flow down the down spout instead of flowing into the top of your rain barrel as is the case of a rain barrel with out a diverter.
  • The  diverter  creates a sealed system, preventing mosquitoes from living inside your rain barrel.
  •  Works with standard rectangular downspouts
  • Easy to installs and comes with a winterization cover!
  • Does not include the faucet or winter hose drain.