Flexifit Diverter

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Product Description

Flexi-Fit Diverter For Rain Barrels

Ships in 24 hours!

Industry Leading Flexi-Fit Diverter found in all RainRecycle Rain Barrel Kits and Earthminded Rain Barrel Kits

2 inches by 3 inches in size 

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    Who was the genius who made this? I want to say Thank You!

    Posted by ty on 5th Aug 2015

    I am so thankful to TheRainBarrelDepot.com for supplying this amazing diverter! I received my first one when I attended a free seminar with the City of Los Angeles and received a free rain barrel and the diverter kit. I purchased three more rain barrels and needed to be able to hook them up. I checked a bunch of places for the kits, but realized that this diverter is one of the easiest to set up. Another plus was that I only needed to purchase what I really needed. Now back to how easy these are to install...Yes, I needed to use the cool drill bit to make a hole in the gutter downspout, but it was easy! Then just push the diverter in and voila! The other diverters on the market required slicing through the gutter downspout and there is definitely no tool provided! Now all of my rain barrels are hooked up and ready to capture the beautiful rainwater....when it comes, of course!