Rain Vault Rain Barrel Flat Back - 50 GAL - OAK


Product Description

The Rain Vault 50 gallon rain barrel is a classic looking barrel. Modeled after an actual whiskey barrel, this unique rain catcher will provide you with plenty of fresh water while looking great against your home. The top features an anti-debris screen to keep out leaves and bugs. The bottom hosts a high quality brass spigot for a standard hose connection.  Look at the back and you'll see it's flat to sit flush with exterior walls so you don't lose space. There are also connection points which can be used to daisy-chain barrels together, using the overflow to fill the next barrel. Aside from the natural wood grain finish, the barrel also has two, deep set handles which are very convenient when moving the Rain Vault.

  • Color: Oak
  • 50 Gallon capacity
  • Made of UV resistant, anti-fading resin
  • Linkable to other barrels for increased capacity using separately sold linking kit
  • Convenient handles for moving and lifting
  • Resistant to rust, mold, mildew, and rotting
  • High quality brass spigot for hose hook-up + overflow spout
  • Screen to keep out debris, insects, animals, and children
  • 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in the USA