Soil Machine Pro


Product Description

The Soil Machine PRO has 7 cubic feet of composting capacity and over 5 gallons of space in the base for harvesting compost tea. What just exactly is compost tea?” Compost tea” is the liquid extract that is the result of decomposing organic material. It is full of plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms. The bottom line is that it is basically naturally formed liquid fertilizer that can be poured on your plants. Your plants should thrive whenever they are anointed with this extract.

The Soil Machine PRO is made of 100% recycled black Polyethylene resin. The dark color helps heat the inner chamber by absorbing light and heat energy.  And you can feel good that it's recycled. The polyethylene construction makes the bin and base strong and rugged

The unique shape of the Soil Machine PRO aids with compost agitation and aeration. The handles are also an improved design over the original Compost Wizard models, going all the way through for a better grip. The 12" twist lid keeps compost and heat in and keeps animals and small children out. The Soil Machine PRO compost tumbler comes almost completely assembled in two parts. 

  • Color: Black
  • 7 cubic foot capacity
  • Base collects compost tea - 5 gallon capacity
  • Fully Assembled - Low maintenance
  • Wheeled Base
  • Large 12" twist lid
  • Safe for pets and children
  • Virtually animal proof
  • Black color for heat absorption
  • 12" Twist lid
  • Made in the USA and Free Shipping
Depth Width Height Weight
29" 22" 25" 28lbs