A Determined Housewife Gets Her Rain Barrel

25th Jan 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has tested everybody from the consumer to manufacturers.

The Rain Barrel manufacturing segment has been oversold due to employees being absent and having Covid-19 in the plants to the consumers being consumed with housing renovations, new gutters and buying rain barrels like never before.

The Rain Barrel Depot had a customer who was a house wife in North Carolina that wanted a Black Impressions Rain Barrel by Good Ideas. There were none to be found

However, we did have a Grey Impressions Rain Barrel by Good I that we suggested she could paint. She accepted our idea!

Its relatively simple to paint a rain barrel. You simply prime the rain board by spraying it with Krylon plastic paint primer. Krylon plastic paint primer can be purchased at most large home improvement stores or at your local Ace Hardware. You spray the barrel and then let the primer dry for 48 hours.

Then paint with the color of your choice.

She followed our instructions and then painted it with a high gloss black which is seen below.