​Amazon Makes Push for Water Sustainability at Data Centers

​Amazon Makes Push for Water Sustainability at Data Centers

Posted by Rain Barrel Depot on 28th Feb 2023

Data Centers across the United States and World Wide are being spotlighted for the significant amount of water they use. Like hospitals, Data Centers are one of the largest users of water of any industry. However, their sleek design gives off no idea of how much water is being used inside.

According to www.greenbiz.com, the average www.Google.com Data Center uses over 450,000 gallons of water on a daily basis and their data centers world wide use over 4.3 billion gallons annually.

Data Centers use the water to keep cool the computers that store huge amounts of data and provide cloud services world wide. At the same time, data centers offer little economic payback for the incentives they receive as they have very few employees.

Amazon has been running advertisements in the Wall Street Journal about their commitment to sustainable water methodology that in some cases uses Rain Water Harvesting. Rainwater Harvesting is the sustainable water practice of using filtered rainwater for consumption instead of natural water sources.