America’s Favorite Rain Barrel Stand!

Posted by Gene Kelly, The Rain Barrel Depot on 23rd Jan 2016

The legend of the Hampton’s Rain Barrel Stand is that it was first built by wealthy New Englanders who had taken rain barrels up to their summer homes in The Hamptons Mountains in Up State New York. With Idle time on their hands, they crafted the stand out of left over wood.

The Hamptons Rain Barrel Stand has become America’s favorite rain barrel stand due to its unique design and versatility to fit several types or rain barrels. It’s designed to make any rain barrel more efficient and accentuates its curb appeal.

The stand measures 22.5”X22.5” inches on the inside so it will work with almost any rain barrel including Good Ideas, Earthminded, and Spruce Creek. It also fits rain barrels made from 55 gallon recycled plastic drums or rain barrels made from pepper barrels.

It’s made of sensitive pressure treated southern pine for years of outdoor use. If you desire a stained look, let your stand weather for six weeks and then stain with two coats of Behr Outdoor Stain