At The Rain Barrel Depot, We Carry Compost Bins as well as Rain Barrels, Rain Barrel Pumps and Rain Barrel Supplies

3rd Jun 2014

Perhaps you have toyed with the idea of composting, but wonder why anyone in their right mind would want a big pile of rotting food in their home or yard. After all, it does sound somewhat non-hygienic and would probably smell something awful. We understand your skepticism and therefore offer you these benefits of composting.

With fewer compostable elements in our landfills, our landfills will slow in mass. Reducing the amount of elements in our landfills means they last longer. This lessens the chances that a new landfill will be built in your neighborhood. The reduction of food in our landfills leads directly to a reduction in methane gas. And as you should already know, methane contributes to global warming.

Composting means you have free fertilizer for your lawn, garden and indoor plants. Your lawn looks just as good as the neighbors, but they spent money on fertilizers while you did not drop a dime. Your well-fertilized garden will no doubt produce an abundance of tasty and healthy vegetables. And your indoor plants are once again happy and healthy looking, adding charm and warmth to your home.

Why pay a garbage collector to take away food items you could be using for compost? The money you save could be utilized in much better ways. For example, you could buy a really nice rain barrel. You have always wanted one of those.

At The Rain Barrel Depot, we carry compost bins as well as rain barrels, rain barrel pumps and rain barrel supplies. Visit our website to discover which style is right for you.