Do Your Part in the Never Ending Battle for Water Conservation, Order Your Rain Barrel or Rain Barrel Kit Today

19th May 2014

Bud owns a modest little house just outside Bemidji, Minnesota. He installed 4 rain barrels on his property last spring and has not turned his spigot on since. Take one look at his lush lawn and you would think he waters it at least twice a day. Well, his lawn does get all the water it needs, just not from his sprinkler system. You see, the water he catches in his rain barrels gives him ample amount to keep his entire lawn quenched.

Bud got the idea when the company he works for implemented rain barrels at their facilities. He was absolutely amazed at the amount of water they captured. To say he was surprised is indeed an understatement. He discovered through research that an inch of rainfall from a 1,000 square foot roof will produce over 600 gallons of precious, useable water. Bud is also happy that the water utilized by his rain barrels are free from chlorine and other chemicals found in tap water. You see, Bud knows these chemicals are tough on your lawn and plants. He is adamant in the fact he no longer uses fertilizer on his lawn. With his lawn receiving chemical-free water, there is no need for added fertilizer.

The collection of rainwater is not a new concept. Those arid southwest places like Texas and Arizona have been utilizing rain barrels for what seems to be a lifetime. California residents are seeking ways to conserve more water as they battle with limited supplies.

Rain barrels conserve water and save money. What more can you ask for with such a low investment? Do your part in the never ending battle for water conservation, order your rain barrel or rain barrel kit today.