Earthminded’s Rain Router Multi-function Diverter System offers extreme versatility to Rain Water Harvesting Systems.

Posted by Gene Kelly, The Rain Barrel Depot on 18th Jan 2016

Earthminded’s Rain Router Multi-Function Diverter Kit is the perfect rainwater diverter kit to manage and expand your home or business rainwater harvesting system.

As you may know, the rain water harvesting rule of thumb is that 1” of rain over 1000 feet creates over 600 gallons of water. So most rain barrels and rain collectors can fill up with just a ¼ inch of rain or more.

Free of corrosive chemicals, this water is perfect for watering plants and irrigation. It can even be used for certain every day tasks such as pressure washing, washing cars and even flushing toilets.

Due to its versatility , The Rain Router Diverter offers on of the best values on the market today. This rain harvesting kit allows you to deliver rainwater to two different rainwater collectors from just one downspout! These rainwater collection systems can be rain barrels, rain tanks, ibc containers, koi ponds, water fountains or other larger collector designed for rainwater collection


The key to this kit is the pairing of the flex-i-fit diverter and the selector valve which fits seamlessly into the flex-fit diverter. The flex-i-fit diverter taps into your downspout and allows only water to enter the rain collection containers, with debris such as leaves etc. to continue to flow down the downspout. Once the containers are full, the diverter prevents more water from entering the system.

The selector valve allows you to determine which container receives the water, it can be either or both, or completely shut off. Most importantly it also offers the ability to connect to a standard water hose. This allows this diverter kit to deliver large volumes of water to locations away from the downspout such as koi ponds, water gardens and larger storage containers.


Installation of the Rain Router is a snap and only takes about 15 minutes. It can be used on a 2”x3” or a 3”x4” downspout. gutter’s down spouts. The system comes with all the necessary parts and tools to. Included in the parts are a hole saw set, the flex-fit-diverter, the selector valve, and connection hoses for rain barrels, bulkhead connector.

The RainRouter Multifunction Diverter System is available at the