Installing a Rain Barrel from One of Our Rain Barrel Kits will Save Hundreds of Gallons of Water from Undergoing Expensive and Energy-Intensive Sewage Treatments

Posted by Madwriter on 22nd Jul 2014

The benefits provided by rain barrels go well beyond your household. Sure, a rain barrel will save you money on your water bill, but the benefits are more far reaching. For example, installing a rain barrel from one of our rain barrel kits will save hundreds of gallons of water from undergoing expensive and energy-intensive sewage treatments. And that is a benefit from which we all reap the rewards.

That rainwater captured in your rain barrel is highly oxygenated and free from all the compounds found in tap water. Over time, these compounds can potentially harm the roots of your plants. Using rainwater from your rail barrel helps to dilute the tap water found in your lawn and garden, making plants healthy and strong.

Your rain barrel helps reduce runoff pollution. You see, when it rains, the runoff picks up all sorts of contaminants as it travels to the nearest stream or lake. The fertilizers, oil and pesticides found in runoff water winds up polluting the lakes in which we fish and swim. Runoff from rain also contributes to erosion. You contribute to erosion prevention efforts when you install and utilize a rain barrel.

The water that rolls down your gutters usually winds up gathering around the foundation of your home. By collecting this water, you prevent flooding, mold and other conditions caused by high moisture levels around your foundation.

Surely you must be surprised at all the benefits a rain barrel has to offer. Order your rain barrel today and make a difference in your neighborhood.