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Rainwater vs. Tap Water for Plants


If you have read our previous blog, Benefits of Collecting Rainwater, then you already know that collecting water with one of our rain barrels can benefit you, your garden, and your community in many ways. One of the benefits that we mentioned is the fact that rainwater is a chemical-free way to keep your lawn and garden hydrated, but we didn't go into very much detail about it. If you have been waiting to learn more, then you are in luck! The following is our guide on rainwater vs. tap water for plant growth:

  • Chemicals- Tap water contains a variety of chemicals, like fluoride or chlorine, that are used to keep the bacteria out, so that it is safe to drink. Unfortunately, these chemical can also injure your plants, especially if you have plants with slender, long leaves. Rainwater contains no chemicals that could be damaging to your plants. 
  • Hard water and soft water- Hard water can often cause minerals to build up in the soil. If you have a water softener in your home, it can add a damaging amount of sodium to your soil. You don't have to worry about trying to soften rainwater, because it is naturally soft and low in minerals. 
  • Temperature- If you water your garden or your lawn from the hose, you can shock your plants with water that is too cold. However, rainwater is the perfect temperature for your plants.
  • Cost- It can be expensive to water your garden with tap water, but it is free to start collecting rainwater! 

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