How to Choose the Right Rain Barrel Size

5th Jan 2015

Here at The Rain Barrel Depot, we pride ourselves in having a huge selection of rain barrels for you to choose from. We have many brands and sizes available for you, and we even have several high qual … read more

Retiring Your Rain Barrel for the Winter

8th Dec 2014

Though a few lucky people are still enjoying the warm weather and the sunshine, for most of the country, winter is well on its way. If you live in area where the cold weather has already started to sh … read more

You Can Now Link Both of Your Rain Barrels!

14th Nov 2014

Have you found that one rain barrel just isn't enough to meet all of your watering needs? Do need another rain barrel, but you just aren't sure that want an entirely separate set up? If so, The Rain B … read more

Rainwater vs. Tap Water for Plants

4th Nov 2014

If you have read our previous blog, Benefits of Collecting Rainwater, then you already know that collecting water with one of our rain barrels can benefit you, your garden, and your community in … read more