Why You Should Start Composting

2nd Feb 2015

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about some of the many benefits of collecting water in a rain barrel. Rain barrels are just some of the many products that we offer that could change your life and protect our environment. We are proud to say that we also offer compost bins. Composting comes with a wide variety of benefits. The following is our list of the most compelling reasons to start composting:

  • It makes your garbage useful - With composting, you won't have to feel bad about throwing things away, because you will be able to use them! Composting can turn your garbage into valuable nutrients! 
  • It keeps chemicals out of your garden - Many people are aware of the fact that compost is a wonderful fertilizer for gardens, but not people know that it can actually deter common pests! That's right, compost helps to make plants so strong, they are able to fight off pests on their own, which means that you won't have to use chemical pest repellents. 
  • It helps to prevent run off- Compost helps to keep soil healthy and root systems strong, which retains more water and helps to prevent run off. 
  • It helps to improve air quality- Without composting, many people end up burning their garbage, which can cause a variety of dangerous toxins to be added to the air. Composting is a safe, air-friendly alternative to burning.
  • It reduces greenhouse emissions- Did you know that landfills are by far the biggest source of toxic methane gas emissions? By composting, you are reducing landfill waste and reducing dangerous emissions.