America’s Favorite Rain Barrel Stand!

Posted by Gene Kelly, The Rain Barrel Depot on 23rd Jan 2016

The legend of the Hampton’s Rain Barrel Stand is that it was first built by wealthy New Englanders who had taken rain barrels up to their summer homes in The Hamptons Mountains in Up State New … read more

Why Your Rain Barrel Needs a Rain Barrel Stand

Posted by Gene Kelly on 15th Nov 2015

Rain Barrel Stands are a great accessory for your rain barrel and often help its efficiency. A Rain barrel stand will actually accentuate your stand and help your commitment to water conservation … read more

How to Winterize Your Rain Barrel

Posted by Gene Kelly on 29th Oct 2015

It’s getting to be that time again! As we are now approaching November, it is time to winterize your rain barrel. Yes, old man winter’s freezing temperatures can wear and tear on your rain barrel, i … read more

Our Best Selling Rain Barrel Kits

16th Oct 2015

Best Selling Rain Barrel KitsAt the Rain Barrel Depot, one of our biggest sellers are rain barrel kits. A rain barrel kit is a fantastic way to get started conserving water because it allows anybo … read more